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Colin Cowherd Remembers and Tributes The Late Great Jerry West

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd remember the late great NBA legend Jerry West, who passed away Wednesday at the age of 86. 

Check out the segment below as Colin eulogizes a man who lived one of the most unique, successful, ambitious, and enterprising careers in basketball history.

Colin Cowherd: “Jerry West was so many things. He was an all-time great player who became the logo. You don’t just make any player the logo. He was a generationally unique – 80's, 90’s, 00’s -- was a respected basketball voice. He was the architect of three dynasties, and he was a relentless personality because he understood what greatness looked like and he was not willing to sacrifice anything to get there. 
He also had a tough, bordering on brutal childhood, and it always felt like along the way he was a little bit tortured. Even the way the Lakers relationship ended wasn’t perfect. Jerry was almost singular in his greatness. He was arguably the first great guard in the NBA -- ‘Mr. Clutch.’ He quickly established himself as a guru of basketball talent. 
You know about Shaq and Kobe, and Kareem and Magic, but do you realize how big he was in the Warriors dynasty? He was the one who told them to move off Monta Ellis, embrace Steph Curry, and go get Andrew Bogut, you need size. He was the one who told them ‘I will resign if you move off Klay Thompson for Kevin Love’, and at the time Kevin Love was the better player. He was one who whispered in KD’s ear ‘you’ll get better shots in Golden State than you did in Oklahoma City.’ He was the architect of three dynasties, and outside of the Bulls, arguably the three best dynasties ever.  
The best way I can describe Jerry West as a guard and as an executive – he didn’t miss much.
It tells you a lot of about Jerry West that the current players, his contemporaries, and his peers – ALL generations – when Jerry walked into a room, they stopped talking and they listened. Jerry has to be seen as singularly a unique, all-time player, and executive. Rest in Peace, to Mr Clutch, the Logo.” 

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