Colin Cowherd Ranks His Top 10 Male Athletes of the Decade

Top 10 Male Athletes of the Decade according to Colin Cowherd:

10. Mike Trout: “Was first or second in MVP voting 7 out of the 10 years last decade. I’m putting him at 10 because he hasn’t had success in the playoffs.”

9. Cristiano Ronaldo: “Four-time global soccer player of the year.”

8. Lionel Messi: “Five-time global soccer player of the year.”

7. Steph Curry: “He changed the way we played basketball fundamentally in high school and college. Multiple titles and unanimous MVPs; we’ve never had that before.”

6. Rafael Nadal: “13 Grand slams in the last decade.”

5. Usain Bolt: “He had six gold medals this decade and he’s the world’s fastest man, and let’s be honest, that’s probably the coolest thing you can ever be called as a dude.”

4. Michael Phelps:Floyd Mayweather has only fought 10 times in a decade, and Phelps has 9 gold medals in a decade.”

3. Novak Djokovic: “Has 16 gram slams with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal as an opponent. The joker is the best tennis player I’ve ever seen when he’s playing his best, and he’s just been a little less consistent than Federer.”

2. Tom Brady: “Created a two-time dynasty in a parity-driven league.”

1. LeBron James: “Eight Finals appearances.”

“I’m at 10 and I still wouldn’t even consider Floyd Mayweather.”

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