LeBron James Deserves Credit For Making the All-Star Game Matter

69th NBA All-Star Game

There was a different vibe to this year's NBA All-Star game. The players brought an intensity that hasn't been felt in a long time. You could argue that the appeal of the Sunday tradition took a dip when the 3-point shot became king of the basketball court's offense. There's a certain amount of credit that needs to be given to the new format, which allowed for the first three quarters to be incredibly exciting and help out some charities along the way. Plus, the format in the fourth quarter managed to create an even MORE fantastic display of basketball last night.

Colin Cowherd certainly took notice of this and felt that the spark that led to this rise in appeal started and ended with LeBron James.

"Michael Jordan had remarkable influence among the fans and the media. LeBron James has remarkable influence among the players. If he cares about a political issue, all of them do. If he cares about the scheduling, the commissioner does. If he cares about the All-Star Game, that thing looked like a playoff game.
You've got a bunch of guys with titles and rings, and $100 million net worth and they're playing that fourth quarter like it's Game 5 of a second-round playoff series. THAT IS INFLUENCE."

Listen below, as Colin Cowherd explains further how LeBron James continues to highlight the importance of star players in the NBA today.

The All-Star Game Mattered Because LeBron James Decided It Should Matter

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