Colin Cowherd Gives Out His Midterm Grades For Every NFL Team

Professor Colin Cowherd Gives Out His Midterm Grades For Every NFL Team at the Halfway Point in the Season

Colin’s ‘A’ Students:

Patriots, Ravens, Saints, 49ers

“Patriots had a very rough test on Sunday but they still come prepared every week.”

“Good for you Ravens! I don’t think I’ve had a student who has worked harder.”

“Congrats New Orleans, not everything has gone your way but you’ve overcome obstacles.”

“We knew you were bright San Francisco but you have aced EVERY test and are our surprise A student.”

Colin’s ‘B’ Students:

Bills, Texans, Chiefs, Cowboys, Packers, Panthers, Seahawks, Rams

“Chiefs and Packers deserve a B+ bordering on A. Their test scores are not quite as high but they’ve overcome star quarterbacks getting hurt.”

“The Rams were a C student until the last two weeks and have turned it up a notch. It’s not how you start the semester it’s how you finish!”

Colin’s ‘C’ Students:

Steelers, Colts, Jaguars, Raiders, Chargers, Eagles, Vikings, Lions, Cardinals

“Colts, stop relying on a 46-year-old kicker. You thought you were getting a B. DO BETTER.”

“Raiders are a C++. You don’t pay attention, you’re noisy, overly dramatic, and as a teacher you drive me nuts, but when you turn the work in it’s pretty good.”

“I’ll give the Cardinals a C-. None of my students have done more with less. You may be a C- but my expectations were significantly lower coming into this semester.”

Colin’s ‘D’ Students:

Browns, Dolphins, Titans, Broncos, Giants, Bears, Bucs

“Titans, how many years in a row have you disappointed me? Your homework is always late! I expected a B and you got a D.”

“Browns, I’ve never had a more distracted student in my life.”

“Dolphins, you’re not the brightest kid in the world but nobody works harder and I can’t fail you.”

Colin’s ‘F’ Students

Jets, Bengals, Falcons, Redskins

“Jets, you’re too gossipy.”

“Bengals and Redskins, you’re too ill-prepared.”

“Atlanta, you were an A student three years ago, what happened to you!?”