Eagles +2 Best Bet of Wild Card Weekend

On today's edition of Straight Outta Vegas, RJ Bell and the crew discuss Steve Fezzik's best bet of wild card weekend in the NFL. Fezzik likes Philadelphia at home +2 against the Seattle Seahawks, citing the Eagles playing better than the Seahawks down the stretch. RJ says if you look at the Eagles yardage and point differential is better than a lot of playoff teams - including the Seahawks themselves. RJ and Steve also say, although the Eagles aren't healthy, they expected the Eagles to be playing better and is surprised with this line. Plus, RJ talks about Seattle being in worse shape with injuries than they were when these two teams played 6 weeks ago, meaning the Eagles are used to playing shorthanded. RJ does have one question though: will the pressure be too much for Wentz who is starting in his first ever playoff game?

Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell


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