'Always Sunny' Couple Has Bidding War Over Jason Kelce's Wife's Eagles Item

Photo: Getty Images

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' star and creator Rob McElhenney unknowingly got into a bidding war with his wife and co-star, Kaitlin Olson, over a Philadelphia Eagles jacket auctioned off by Kylie Kelce, the wife of Eagles center Jason Kelce, recently.

McElhenney, a Philadelphia native and lifelong Eagles fan, and Olson appeared on the 'New Heights' podcast hosted by the All-Pro center and his brother, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, to discuss their back-and-fourth expensive bids for Kylie's throwback letterman jacket, with the proceeds going to the Eagles Autism Foundation.

“I couldn't believe that someone was immediately jumping on every time I bid, and so my final bid was going to be representing my favorite player on the Eagles, 62. [$62,000], I thought that was a good number,” McElhenney said, referencing Jason's number, appearing alone at the time. “And then I got a text from somebody I know who said, ‘I've been the one bidding against you, bozo.’ And it did not even cross my mind that this was a possibility, and it turned out I live with this person."

"What up?" Olson said while suddenly appearing on the screen alongside her husband and wearing an Eagles hoodie.

"Sweet Dee!" Jason responded, excitedly referencing the actress' 'Always Sunny' character, Dee Reynolds. "Kaitlin! Oh my gosh, an inside job!"

“Okay, we live in the same house. This is a foundation that is important to both of us. The jacket looks great on your wife,” Olson said. “It’s clearly for women. I want it. He mentions nothing about it. I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’”

Olson ultimately outbid her husband by more than $30,000 with a winning bid of $100,000.

The letterman jacket, which was signed by Kylie Kelce, was a replica of one famously worn by the late Princess Diana in the 1990s.

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