Swing It & Ding It: Episode Forty-Four

Swing It & Ding It: Episode Forty-Four: A new Partner Announcement with Cynch- Propane Grill Tank Home Delivery- New Customers Use Code SWING to get your first Tank for just $10!

Moose (@jeffdmoore10), Mayes (@harrymayesTU), and BQ (@BQGolfAcademy) recap of the Valspar Championship and another young start in Sam Burns gets his first win. Also- discuss the current state of DJ’s game and what BQ sees. A recap of a fun round at The 1912 Club with Moose, Mayes, John Clark and Dan Roomberg from the Magical Mila Foundation. A Foursome at The 1912 Club added to the Prize pool as well as a $100 GC to X-Golf for this week’s Draft Kings Contest.

BQ’s Tip is a must listen if you want to get out of the Bunker…The First Time! A Preview of The Wells Fargo Championship where we See The Line for this week’s Action. Give it a listen!

The Inaugural Fox Sports The Gambler Swing It & Ding It Open Benefiting The Magical Mila Foundation will take place on Tuesday, August 17th at The 1912 Club! Registration is now open for what will be a memorable day with incredible fun and prizes. https://app.eventcaddy.com/events/fox-sports-the-gambler-swing-it-ding-it-open

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Listen here: Swing It & Ding It: Episode Forty-Four

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