Swing It & Ding It: Episode Forty-One

Swing It & Ding It: Episode Forty-One: Moose (@jeffdmoore10), Mayes (@harrymayesTU), and BQ (@BQGolfAcademy) give a Full Breakdown and Recap of The Masters and Hideki Matsuyama’s incredible win. Having played throughout Asia as a professional, BQ gives his unique perspective on what this win really means for Hideki and the game of Golf in Japan. We hear from BQ on his Temple Golf Team’s recent success and what they have coming up. They guys congratulate the winners from last week’s Draft Kings Masters Contest and announce that the Fox Sports The Gambler- Swing It & Ding It Open Benefitting The Magical Mila Foundation is over half-way full already!

BQ’s Tip focuses on the takeaway with the Driver and what that means for your swing and how you’ll drive the ball. They preview The RBC Heritage at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head South Carolina with a stacked field! They See The Line, Presented by Draft Kings Sportsbook with tons of plays up and down the board. Give it a Listen!

The Inaugural Fox Sports The Gambler Swing It & Ding It Open Benefiting The Magical Mila Foundation will take place on Tuesday, August 17th at The 1912 Club! Registration is now open for what will be a memorable day with incredible fun and prizes. https://app.eventcaddy.com/events/fox-sports-the-gambler-swing-it-ding-it-open

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Listen here: Swing It & Ding It: Episode Forty-One

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