Swing It & Ding It: Episode Thirty-Six

Swing It & Ding It: Episode Thirty-Six: Harry is back! Moose (@jeffdmoore10) , Mayes (@harrymayesTU) & BQ (@BQGolfAcademy) talk with PGA Professional George McNeill about his career, the biggest topics in golf and get his unique perspective on The Players Championship having had a few top 20 finishes there. They recap Bryson’s victory at The Arnold Palmer Invitational that came down to a duel of different styles with Lee Westwood. A message to Save the Date for 8/17- The Fox Sports The Gambler- Swing It & Ding It Open at The 1912 Club. A preview of The Players Championship where they SeeThe Line with some incredible value. BQ talks about his Temple Team and one of his Top 5 Favorite courses, Palmetto. Make sure you check out all the new t-Shirt Designs at the Merch Shop (link in Instagram Bio).

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Listen here: Swing It & Ding It: Episode Thirty-Six

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