Swing It & Ding It: Episode Thirty-Two

Swing It & Ding It: Episode Thirty-Two: Moose (@jeffdmoore10), Mayes (@harrymayesTU) & BQ (@BQGolfAcademy) are joined by Bobby Accairdo- Director of Sales & US Staff Partnerships at Titleist to talk about the new Pro V1 * Pro V1x and TSi Driver and all of the new technology that goes into making their equipment so sought after. They break-down the WM Phoenix Open in 3 parts- Strick, Speith, Brook and look ahead to the Pebble Beach NO AM where they See The Line and talk about the Draft Kings Contest with a bigger purse. NSFW (@it_ding)

Listen here: Swing It & Ding It: Episode Thirty-Two

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