The Silence Within The Eagles' Organization Is Deafening

There has been much speculation regarding the Philadelphia Eagles and their QB situation. With Jalen Hurts breathing down the neck of Eagles' "franchise" QB Carson Wentz, along with the poor play from #11, the rumors are never ending. With the latest rumor stating that Wentz "isn't pleased" to be in Philly, the speculations keep coming out..

The ideal situation is to keep both Wentz and Hurts so that Jalen can be groomed more, but that simply won't work being that it won't keep #11 happy. But does Jalen Hurts really have any trade value as of now? It seems as if the route the Eagles went in to salvage Wentz's stint (hiring Sirianni) in Philadelphia will not be successful, so the best course of action is to trade Wentz to a team that desperately needs a QB and receive solid value in return. Now this does not mean Hurts is "the guy" but solid draft picks in return for Wentz can give the team a chance to draft their future QB, maybe one that is actually coachable.

What we really need are statements from either side. So with all that being said, the Philadelphia organization's lack of an attempt to diffuse the negative Wentz rumors speaks volume to what could be the inevitable: say goodbye to Carson Wentz.

My question to you is: What is the best trade destination for #11?

  • Colts?
  • Bears?
  • Patriots?
  • Texans?
  • Falcons?
  • Panthers?

Stay tuned as this soap opera is far from over and the deafening silence will come to fruition!

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